Solar Panels

Domestic solar panels suitable for home owners are now available to be installed on houses, and many of them are very competitively priced, within reach of many households. Reducing the amount of electricity you pay for is attractive to most families, who are regularly seeing the bills rise month after month. With solar electricity available, you can almost cut the power bill in half, meaning you can spend your hard earned salary on more important things, like a holiday or other treats for the kids.

Large Solar Panel Installation
Open areas work well due to the all day exposure to the sun, but most homes can benefit.

Facing South For Best Results

In order to get the most from solar, you will need a south facing roof (assuming you’re in the northern half of the world), so that you can get the maximum savings and income from the types of deal on solar PV panels that UK residents can access.

You can still benefit from solar energy if you roof faces in another direction, as you’ll still be able to generate electricity from the British sun, but the returns will be a little smaller. Of course, with electricity prices rising all the time, any saving on the bills is worth having and will only get greater.

Becoming An Eco-Warrior (And Getting Paid For It)

Many websites discussing the installation of the panels on your roof will focus on the benefits from a financial perspective, but it’s also important to remember the environmental aspects too. Buying less power from the grid means that your household is becoming more environmentally friendly too – and while money often speaks louder, we all know we need to do our bit to safeguard the future of our world.

Don’t Be Blinded By The Costs, See The Savings Too

At first glance, the prices many companies advertise for home solar panels can seem huge, but when you consider the savings, it puts things into perspective. You won’t make your money back in a year, but over a long term period, the returns can be very attractive, especially up against the pitiful rates of interest that banks offer at the moment.

There are also other benefits that many people overlook, including extending the life of your boiler as photovoltaic panels will generate electricity and thermal systems (and the hybrid variety) can heat your domestic water supply, so that your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard.

Solar Power Is Very Popular Right Now

This really does explain why solar panels are appearing on houses all over the country, the returns can be far better than traditional investments, and the savings and earnings potential are government backed! Let’s look in more detail at the money side of the deal.

Save And Earn In One

The financial benefits are two fold, the obvious one being that your electricity bill should drop away immediately once the panels are up and running. Many companies talk about savings of around half on the bills, but if you are clever about how you use your appliances (such as using the washing machine in the middle of the day) you can be sure to get the absolute maximum benefit.

Secondly, you will be able to make yourself a nice side income with the power you don’t use yourself. It’s not financially viable to store the excess power you create, so instead the UK government have set up a feed in tariff which means you can be paid to sell that excess for other people to use. It even qualifies for tax relief because it is a green energy source, so you won’t find yourself with a big tax bill on your earnings either.

Sit Back And Reap The Rewards

It’s a great feeling to know that you have something on the roof which is both saving you money and making you money at the same time, so why not find out a little bit more today from the experts? You can get an idea of the cost of installing a solar system on your home, and also how much it will reduce your bills by. They’ll also be able to arrange a survey of your home to get an idea of how much you can make from selling electricity to the National Grid if you decide to proceed.

You can get the ball rolling by completing the form on this website, and an expert solar advisor will contact you to explain the process in more detail and answer any questions you might have. If you decide to go ahead, they’ll find you a great deal on solar panels for your home from installers local to you, and you’ll be on the way to a great investment. Sound good? Then head over and get started by clicking here.